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Rocio Irylu (Rocky)

Transformational Life Coach. Author. Speaker.

From a suicidal teen Mom to a top level corporate executive and a servant of God. 

With a background in Psychology and Ministerial Leadership:  My mission is to help people maximize their personal, spiritual and professional life. Through a better understanding of how the mind is programed to act and react and attract certain ways, we are be able reprogram ourselves successfully, therefore achieving better more effective communication of our strengths, abilities, passions, and values. I believe each person has a true and unique "calling" which is God's plan A for their lives, and that is never too late to heal and unblock our selves in order to step into our destiny.

The only thing that is going to make you happy is to push through what ever is holding you back & feel that incredible power pushing you to reach the real YOU and discover what you are capable of.
There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind!

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